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Sell a lot of Carabinae imago from this year
A very good imago has gathered.

I am breeding the velvet worm.

Breeding is not difficult.

It likes very low temperature.

Therefore, I have bred this insect in the wine cellar.


The scientific name is "Mormolyce phyllodes".

The country of origin is a Java island in Indonesia.

It is rare to see Violin beetle to be alive.

What this insect is eating is not understood.

It is not possible to sell it though it is very energetic now.

A lot of mysteries are attractive very insects.


It seems to be able to send the insect.
Dried insects was renewed. There is a very unusual kind, too.

Damaster blaptoides blaptoides is sold.

It is a beetle that represents Japan.

This insect's carriage is cheap.


Dicheros modestus became an imago.

However, there is to our regret no female.

Perhaps, it is only I that breed this insect in Japan.

Breeding ends by this though it is regrettable.


The larva of the image is M.t.ugandensis.

Weight is 66g now.

There is a larva who grows up very uncommonly and greatly.

When becoming an imago, 80mm might be exceeded.

New contents were added.
How to make my substrate is taught.
Hokkaido where I live can collect very beautiful Carabidae easily. Sales of Carabidae to be alive will be started next May. Breeding of Carabidae is very interesting.
The imago of "Mecynorhinella torquata ugandensis" became 79mm this year. A lot of imagos of 75mm or more emerged this year. The imago of the image is 76mm. Ugandensis doesn't eat the food such as the dock food. The quality of sawdust is important to bring up the larva greatly. The quality of sawdust is important to bring up the larva greatly. And, it is fermented. These kind of larvas need a large amount of proteins of the animality. The protein is added to the limit. The larva grows up greatly eating sawdust.The weight of the larva might exceed 70g. The rearing temperature is 23℃. Larva's period is about 12 months. I will think that the imago that exceeds 80mm appears next year.
The sawdust used is very heavy. The sawdust used is very heavy. The sawdust used is very heavy.
Dry insect was added.
Heterorrhina macleayi ssp.suturalis

category of Lucanidae was added.
I was breeding originally specializing in Lucanidae.
The commodity of the store is 80%Lucanidae now.
It updates it little by little.

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