Start selling on a small scale

There are very few flights at present

I can't send it to USA due to strict quarantine.

Europe may take up to 14 days to arrive due to war

I think that sales of larvae will probably be the main

Email address changed


Currently cannot be sent to Russia

We will notify you when the regulation is lifted

I always reply to e-mail within 24 hours

If you do not receive a reply, your e-mail server has been enhanced for security

Please improve security if there is no reply

Relax and enjoy our website.

Please E-mail it if you want to know the carriage.

Please do not pay when you order the commodity.

The carriage is added to the commodity without fail.

The monetary amount of the commodity and the carriage is E-mailed later.

Please pay with paypal if you acknowledged the amount of money.

The package will reach in three days or four days. For EMS package

Days until arriving change by the country that sends it.




Please do not remit before mail from me reaches after it orders.

The commodity might be sold out.

After receiving the order, I examine the carriage.

Please remit after mail from me reaches.


1. Death of Insect,

2. Confiscation by Customhouse,

3. Loss of Parcel

Compensation is not carried out.

Refund whose alternative elegance is not is not carried out.

It cannot send to

Italy, Germany, Belgium.


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Sell a lot of Carabinae imago from this year

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