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All Japanese do not make substrate for myself. Substrate can be easily bought in Japan. Small number of manias make substrate. I thought about how to make. There is a very convenient machine in Japan. It is a kitchen garbage processor. It is a machine that makes compost from garbage. It seem not to be in the foreign country. It automatically stirs it for about three minutes once every 30 minutes. The heater builds into this machine and it is kept about 40℃. The price can be bought by about 100 Euro. (Because it is a price in the auction, this price is not constant. ) There are a lot of kinds of substrate in Japan. We use it properly according to insect's kind. Substrate of Dynastidae. Substrate of Cetoniidae. Substrate of Lucanidae Substrate for egg laying. Larva's food Substrate ect.



How to make Substrate of Dynastidae The sawdust 20 liters of an old tree are put in the machine. Beetle larva's excrement is put in 3-5 liter. Beetle larva's excrement has a very good bacteria. It is fermented by using the bacteria. And, the additive is put. The protein uses the additive of about 60% for me. In this case, the additive is 100ml or less. Dynastidae doesn't put a lot of additives. Flour and soybean flour, etc. can be easily bought. The protein of flour is about 3%. Soybean flour is about 10%. A lot of carbohydrates, lipids, and fibered, etc. are contained. These are elements without the necessity. There are a lot of proteins of a good additive. Water is put in by four liters in the state with dry sawdust. The amount of water is adjusted according to the volume of water of sawdust. Substrate will be completed in five days.



Substrate becomes the color of the chocolate. And, the amount decreases by fermentation. How to make substrate of Lucanidae larva All Lucanidae can never be used. Lucanidae changes substrate by the kind because it has a great choice. Generally, the food of Lucanidae larva uses the sawdust of fresh wood. When the sawdust of fresh wood is used, it takes complete time. In the particle of sawdust, the small size is good. The additive puts 200ml. It will complete it in two weeks. Because the dead leaf doesn't have nourishment, it doesn't use it. A good state continues long when the dead leaf is mixed with substrate to lay eggs. However, the larva doesn't think that it grows up in the dead leaf.

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